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       Benefits of Using Wing Group

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Documentation Vendor

The benefits of outsourcing your documentation project to us are numerous.

Here are just a few benefits:

  • We are technical communication experts.
  • We are current on the latest documentation development tools.
  • We free up your people so they can focus on their expertise.
  • We use an established "Publications-Development Life Cycle" to ensure a high-quality documentation product that is user-focused.
  • We ensure technical accuracy by scheduling draft reviews of the documentation products with your subject matter experts.

Additional Benefits

Wing Group services can be performed on your site or at our offices. By utilizing our off-site services you gain additional benefits, including:

  • No office space and equipment required
  • No benefits, vacation, sick time, and overtime pay
  • We are not constrained to 9-5 hours
  • We're flexible

Convincing Your Boss

Now that we showed you the benefits of using us, how do you convince your boss that we would benefit your bottomline?

By showing a Return on Investment.

To get started, CALL US today at 978-226-TDOC (8362) or contact us!

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